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Want to Live Off the Grid?

If you want to eliminate your energy bills and also have a battery back up for peace of mind we can help you to achieve all that.

We are certified Generac battery backup system installers in Central NH. Not only we can make you self-sufficient (net zero home) for your electric and heating bills, we can also give you piece of mind in power outage times.

New Hampshire is a “net meter” state. What that means is that any excess energy you produce goes to your account to be used by you at night and during non-production times (dark days). We design our systems to make enough energy for you to be self-sufficient and avoid buying any power. This way you also avoid any price increases on energy costs by your utility companies (NH is one of the most expensive states for energy. Inn fact, Eversource rates are about go up again.)

The federal tax credit incentive is at 26% for this year. It will go down again next year. Take advantage of that and the state cash rebate of up to $1,000 (still available as of now) to reduce your system cost even more.

We have over a decade of experience in solar energy and we are local. We make the whole process very easy by doing all the paper work and permits, etc. We thrive on educating our clients to the fullest so they are on board with us all the way. We don’t hard sell.

If you are interested in learning more about solar options please call us at 603-961-0045 to request an ON SITE consultation at no charge.

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