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Five Star Reviews!

Read what our clients have to say. All our Google Reviews are 5-Star!

Stephen Rust

The System that Fuat and Sun Dial Solar designed/installed for our home has been trouble free. We've been a "net-zero" home during much of the year. For the past two months we've been having a credit balance on our electric bill. Fuat is a man of great integrity dedicated to helping create islands of renewable energy, helping the local economy, family finances, and brighter future for our children. Thank you Fuat!!

Nancy Gaines

They were very professional and did an excellent job of explaining the process. I would highly recommend Sundial Solar.

Mark Fabian

I worked with Fuat and Shuan of Sundial Solar, and was incredibly impressed with the service and product. We had a 19-panel system installed on our home in Exeter NH, and I am super excited to be producing energy and working soon eliminate my electric bill! As an engineer, I ask many, many questions! Fuat and Shuan were so patient and spent time to make sure I understood everything that was being done, and was satisfied. I spent a lot of time with the Sundial folks selecting the right install location for the panels, and they really helped me to arrive at what I feel is the best roof. My house is a bit of a challenge because we don't have many south facing roofs, and those that are, have very shallow pitch. It all worked out great, and I can't wait to monitor my production as time goes on!

Jim Civic

It has been 2+ years (May 2016) since the ground install of my 28 panels. The installation went well with no real issues to speak of and the quality of work was good. All the permitting went smoothly and I was online and producing power as expected. I have not had a bill for electricity since the installation. Did recently cut down the one remaining oak that cast a little shadow on the panels and the production has bumped up (I now have 1.2 MW in the bank so am feeling good). Had one issue with one microinverter at about the 2 year mark and that was taken care of to my satisfaction (thanks Fuat!). I would (and have) recommended Sundial Solar to others.

Walter Reimis

I am a retired mechanical engineer. I had a 6 KW solar system installed at my home by Sundial Solar in May 2017. The experience of working with Fuat and his installation crew was a very positive one. The system performs as it was predicted to. The installation was done professionally and neatly. It looks good, performs well, and the price was right. We are very satisfied with the overall project. We would not hesitate to engage Sundial Solar on future PV projects.

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