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We now partner with Home Loan Investment Bank, Vermont State Employee Credit Union, and Greensky for homeowner financing!

GreenSky Financing loans are unsecured loans

 (buyback fees are rolled into

the price of the PV system).

  • No down payment

  • Interest rates between 2.99% and 3.99%(12 years or less)

  • No prepayment penalties

  • Not tax deductible


HomeLoan Investment Bank & Vermont State Employee Credit Union loans are FHS based loans, which means you can deduct the interest.

  • Tax deductible

  • No down payment

  • Qualification is quick and easy.  HLIB can prequalify you on the phone or send an application for a very quick turnaround.

  • Rates are as low as 3.5%

  • No early payment penalty

  • Flexible loan payment terms – up to 20 years

  • At no cost to you, you can use your state and federal rebates to re-amortize your loan, thereby reducing your monthly payments

  • Use either spouse’s credit score, whichever is higher

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