About Us

“We interviewed a number of companies prior to Sundial Solar - Years later we are so glad we did. Fuat was the most honest and caring person we interviewed. He is always there when we need him.”

— Bonnie W.  Nashua, NH

“We are so happy with our system, we are now into our second year with surplus so we are getting an electric car!”

— Brad A.  Chichester, NH

Sun Dial Solar, LLC is a Chichester, NH-based alternative energy company that designs, installs, and services solar based energy systems for both residential and commercial customers in Central & Southern New Hampshire. We have a firm commitment to serve our clients at the highest level possible while keeping costs as low as possible. In fact, Sun Dial Solar offers 

the lowest pricing in New Hampshire - GUARANTEED!

“Our meter started spinning backwards from day one!"

— Albert M., Manchester, NH

“Their crew did a very good job. We are very happy with all the work they have done and the systems we have.”

— Dr. James B., Newington, NH

Fuat Ari – Director of Sales

Fuat obtained his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Lincoln University in CA.  He brings to Sundial Solar 10 years of solar design and installation experience as well as more than 20 years' experience in Business Management, Finance, Human Resource, Information and Technology, and Marketing as well as 12 years experience working with a successful Architectural & Engineering Firm in Concord, NH.  He lives in Chichester with his wife, two sons and two cats.

“Our system is producing exactly what they said it should.”

— Lee B., Northwood, NH

“As an engineer, I have looked at other installs but ours was far-and-away the nicest and best done. Thank you.”

— Bernard R., Chichester, NH